Gilco Spring of Florida strives to provide the finest quality products, to exacting specifications and rigid delivery schedules at competitive prices. We are constantly pursuing technological advances, which optimize efficiencies as well as maintain the highest standards of quality. We work with our customers from idea conception to production, to ensure components are manufactured to meet or exceed your individual needs. Gilco offers complete design and prototype facilities to assist in optimizing your specific requirements. If you require more information on a certain product, please contact us!

Compression Springs
Gilco Spring of Florida. is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to produce flat wire springs, also known as regulator springs or clock springs. With our customized coiling machines, Gilco can provide these precision quality springs, which are commonly supplied to the automotive, agricultural, home appliance and industrial markets. Following are some applications, which utilize counterbalance springs:   Valve Springs
Clutch Springs
Power Tool Springs
Steering Column Springs
Lock & Latch Springs
Door Closure Springs

Extension/Tension Springs
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Gilco Spring of Florida specializes in state-of-the-art extension springs, produced by a variety of computerized, high precision coiling machines. With various hook angle configurations, the possibilities are limited only to one's imagination. Let our team of seasoned spring professionals develop a design to meet the challenge of your application. Following are some applications, which utilize extension / tension springs:
  Automotive Interiors
Industrial Equipment
Window Applications
Brake Springs
Hood/Trunk Hinges
Appliance Devices

Torsion Springs
Gilco Spring of Florida prides itself on remaining a step ahead on the production of your torsion springs. Using the latest manufacturing methods, these springs can be open or close wound, coiled clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the application. The design of your single or double torsion spring is limitless, and our expertise can assist you with even the most difficult of designs. Following are some applications, which utilize torsion springs:   Door Mechanisms
Automotive Interiors
Home Appliances
Fuel Filler Doors
Power Tools
Seat Mechanisms

Four Slide & Clamps
Gilco Spring of Florida continually invests in cutting edge technologies, such as computerized coiling and metal forming equipment, making Gilco a market leader in the manufacture of wireforms clips and clamps. Let our world class engineering support help you with customizing a design to fulfill your program requirements.